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A new Gallup Poll substantiates Americans’ opinions on marijuana and alcohol. It was a significant shift from just a few years ago when most Americans thought cannabis was more dangerous than alcohol. It revealed a significant change from a few years ago when the majority thought cannabis was more destructive. The poll found that 58% of Americans now think alcohol is more harmful than cannabis, while just 34% believe cannabis is more toxic. This marked a significant change from just a few years ago when 52% thought cannabis was more damaging, and 41% said alcohol was more dangerous.

gallup poll on marijuana and alcohol

Reasons for the change in opinion could be increased public education on the risks of alcohol or expanded legalization of marijuana.

A new Gallup poll has found that a record-high percentage of Americans think alcohol is more harmful to one’s health than cannabis. The findings come as several states are considering or have recently passed legislation to legalize recreational marijuana use. The poll found that 43 percent of respondents said alcohol is more harmful than cannabis, while just 28 percent said the opposite. The remaining 29 percent said they believe the two substances are equally dangerous.

smoking cannabis

The poll found that 68% of respondents believe alcohol is very harmful, while only 24% said the same about marijuana.

68% of respondents said alcohol is very detrimental, while only 24% said the same about cannabis. This poll substantiates what many Americans already believe – that alcohol is more harmful than cannabis. While it’s true that alcohol can be dangerous, it’s important to remember that both substances can be detrimental if not used responsibly. If you choose to drink or use cannabis, make sure you do so safely and in moderation.


Is Marijuana Better Than Alcohol?

According to the Gallup Poll study, Americans acknowledge that cannabis is better than alcohol. However, respondents are split on whether cannabis is healthy for society altogether. 

In polling released earlier this month, 53% of Americans stated marijuana positively influences the people who use it. Only 27% of those surveyed noted that alcohol positively affects drinkers.

In their views on marijuana’s effect on people, 9% expressed that cannabis has a positive outcome on people. In contrast, 44% declared the impact was somewhat optimistic, according to cannabis polling released by Gallup on August 16. 

The research also demonstrated that 30% believe cannabis negatively affects users, and 15% stated the herb negatively affects those who use it.

By contrast, polling on alcohol released on August 5 showed that 52% believe alcohol has a very negative effect on the people who use it, while 19% said drinking’s influence is very harmful. 

Only 3% said alcohol positively affects drinkers, and 24% said drinking has a somewhat positive impact on alcohol users. Those who use marijuana had more good opinions of marijuana’s effect on users. 

Experienced Marijuana And Alcohol Users

Among those with experience with marijuana, 70% stated that cannabis’ impact on people is positive, while only 29% of cannabis users said marijuana hurts the people who use it. Interestingly, only 32% of drinkers stated the effect of alcohol is positive, while nearly two-thirds (65%) believe alcohol’s impact on the people who use it is negative.

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